2019 Updates

2019 in Review: August

This month: Muppets, the world’s greatest animator, conspiracies, a 13-hour movie, and more.

The 13-Hour Movie La Flor Is Worth It

Thrillers and Epic Crime Movies to Stream This Month

The Specter of Concentration Camps Haunts The Terror: Infamy

The Filmmaker Who Investigated One Conspiracy, Only to Uncover Another

Remembering Richard Williams, the World’s Greatest Animator

Stream New Documentaries on Ants, Snails, Hacker Graffiti, The Simpsons, and More

The Dark Crystal Is a Marvelously Imaginative Puppet Series

Decode This New Video Game’s Story Using Surveillance Footage

By Dan Schindel

Dan Schindel is a writer and editor. He lives and works in New York.