2020 Updates

2020 in Review: April

This month: Animal Crossing, the Dancing Pallbearers, terrible commercials, and more COVID stuff.

US Government Launches a New “Golden” Streaming Platform, Bigly

Films About Bosch and Hockney Among OVID’s New Additions in April 2020

Documentary Organizations Rally to Raise Funds for Film Workers During COVID-19

From Soviet-Era War Films to Indie Gems from China, Our Latest Streaming Recommendations

Build a Museum With Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Enter Michael DeForge’s World, Where People and Places Alike Get Constant “Updates”

Film Essayist Chloé Galibert-Laîné on the Careful Choreography of Desktop Cinema

Tiger King and the Unforgivable Sloppiness of Modern True Crime Shows

Explaining Your Favorite Gifs and Translating Video Games: Web Docs to Watch

Looking at Ourselves Through Social Distance Cinema

Sundance Institute Joins Relief Efforts to Help Film Workers Affected by COVID-19

Make the Getty’s Collection Your Own in Animal Crossing

Over Skype, Filmmakers Ponder Whether Cinema Is Dying

The ‘Dancing Pallbearers’ Meme Is a Danse Macabre for the Time of COVID

‘The New Normal’ of Awful COVID-Themed Commercials

YouTube Announces Its Own Digital Film Festival

By Dan Schindel

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