2020 Updates

2020 in Review: August

This month: a flying train, Nikola Tesla, a government of teenage boys, and more.

What Happens When a Thousand Teenage Boys Form Their Own Government

A Major New Directory of Women and Nonbinary Filmmakers Aims to End Gatekeeping

Sundance Institute Grants COVID Relief Funds to 39 Arts Organizations

Inventor Nikola Tesla Gets a Suitably Unusual Biopic

Ai Weiwei Drops Surprise Film About the COVID-19 Lockdown in Wuhan

The Native Americans Whose Activism Made DC’s Football Team Change Its Name

The Radical Collective of 20-Somethings Who Filmed the DNC and RNC of 1972

This 1902 Footage of a Flying Train Is the Film of the Summer

By Dan Schindel

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