2020 Updates

2020 in Review: May

This month: minimalism, Jane Roe, Asian American film, Satoshi Kon, and more.

People Are Creating Some Unusual Video Games During Quarantine

Entertainers Are Doing Their Best in Quarantine

Indigenous Filmmakers Share Features, Shorts, and More Online

These Interactive Documentaries Look at 3D-Scanned Desserts and Earth From Orbit

The Timely Resonance of PBS’s Asian Americans

An Animated Horror Film Dredges a Disturbing Chilean History

A Mind-Bending Cultural Critique From One of Anime’s Most Influential Directors

An Unlikely Friendship Between a Painter and the Man Who Stole Her Artwork

How Asian American Representation in Film Has (and Hasn’t) Changed Over the Years

The Truth About Jane Roe

Minimalism Takes Flight

By Dan Schindel

Dan Schindel is a writer and editor. He lives and works in New York.