2020 Updates

2020 in Review: September

This month: space dogs, Trump’s mental health, Pepe the frog, and more.

Ai Weiwei Captures the Strange Normalcy of Wuhan Under Lockdown

From Marlon Riggs to Christo and Jeanne-Claude, What Films to Stream This September

Donald Trump Is a Bad President. Let’s Leave Mental Illness Out of It.

An Artist Tries to Save Pepe the Frog From Fascists

An Oscar-winning Director Sets Her Sights on the Failed US Hostage Rescue in Iran

A Rom-Com Miniseries Made Entirely in Quarantine

A Comedic Look at How Capitalism Has Warped Chinese History and Culture

The Curious Lives of the Russian Stray Dogs That Traveled to Space

Catch Exciting Work by Black Women and Nonbinary Filmmakers

The Hostility of Gentrification in Black DC Neighborhoods

The Heartwarming Tale of a Man Who Befriended an Octopus

What Does Obama and Reagan’s Official Photographer Think About Trump?

Four Participants Withdraw From a Tel Aviv Documentary Festival in Solidarity With BDS

Get Official Studio Ghibli Images for Your Desktop Wallpaper, Posters, and More

A Parade of Cakes Fit for Versailles

A Tribute to Latasha Harlins From Those Who Knew Her Best

Using Strange Humor to Grapple With Loss

What Does ‘Home’ Mean During the COVID Pandemic?

The Anti-Immigrant Ballot Measure That Galvanized California’s Latinx Community

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